’Gaddafi son knows too much, will be silenced’

Libyaa hallitseva terroristijuntta ei aio luovuttaa Saif al-Islamia Haagiin ICC:n oikeudenkäyntiin. Russia Todayn haastattelussa argentiinalainen ekonomisti Adrian Salbuchi kommentoi asiaa. Libyan uudet diktaattorit eivät uskalla antaa Saifin puhua julkisesti ja vapaasti.

Muammar Gaddafi’s fugitive spy chief, one of the last key figures from Libya’s old regime still on the run, has been captured in the country’s south. It comes just days after Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam was also caught. The National Transitional Council has since said it won’t hand him over to the Hague Tirbunal. Instead it’s vowed to try him at home for crimes against the Libyan people, that could result in the death penalty.

Muammar Gaddafi’s most influential son was also seized in the south of the country on Saturday along with his aides as they tried to escape to neighbouring Niger. Following the toppling of his father at the end of an 8-month civil war, many questions about the regime remain. Saif is believed to be one of the few who could answer them.

Political analyst and author Adrian Salbuchi says Saif al-Islam will be silenced by either the Hague or the National Transitional Council.

Katso myös Helsingin Sanomien artikkeli ”Kapinallissotilas: Saif al-Islamin sormet katkaistiin”. Näinkö humaaneja ja vapautta rakastavia ovat Libyan uudet valtiaat: http://www.hs.fi/ulkomaat/Kapinallissotilas+Saif+al-Islamin+sormet+katkaistiin/a1305549822114

’Gaddafi son knows too much, will be silenced’

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