Syyrian väitetyt lapsimurhat

Russia Today käsitteli raportissaan (jonka näet täältä) Syrian Observatory for Human Rights -järjestöä, joka on Syyrian opposition hallinnassa. Kyseinen järjestö on levittänyt The Independent -lehden kautta väitettä, että Syyrian armeija olisi Homsin kaupungissa tappanut vastasyntyneitä. PrisonPlanetissa tätä väitettä arvioi artikkelissaan Patrick Henningsen.

Writer Beach’s source for his claims seem to originate from only one organization, not in Syria – but in London. Surprisingly, the Independent’s chief source for the alleged horrors in question is a nearly invisible organization known as the “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”(SOHR) (and to make matters worse, there are two competing SOHR orgs in London- with the same name although the Independent does not provide a link to either org), who claim to have an office based in London, but apparently have no address or contact phone number listed – only and email address. Even murkier however, is that fact that there are no names associated with the SOHR on their website, and many of its articles have been written under the fictitious pen name known as “Rami Abdul Rahman“.

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