Syyrialainen piispa pelkää kristittyjen joukkopakoa

The Christian Post: Syrian Bishop Fears Mass Exodus of Christians

Christians in Syria have thus far been mostly in support of Assad’s regime, fearing that the rule of a new, post-revolutionary government might bring persecution. Although a dictator, Assad has been preventing religious groups, especially religious extremists, from targeting religious minorities, including Syrian Christians, who constitute the largest cluster of Christians in the Middle East.

The bishop, who asked not to be named for security reasons, said that the Christian community is fearful that the fall of Assad’s regime will bring sectarian violence like it did in Iraq, where over 300,000 or more Christians were forced to leave the country after the U.S.-led invasion.

”We Christians want to stay in Syria and live peacefully and with everybody and continue our presence serving our country and our people,” he told ACN. But the insecurity and violence encourages them to leave. Christians have also been known to be caught in the crossfire between the rebels and the government forces, like all Syrian citizens in areas where the fighting takes place.

The bishop also implied he is against foreign intervention in Syria, saying the country was capable of resolving its problems internally. ”We do not accept foreign intervention,” he told ACN. ”Action of this kind is against every international law. We are able to organise ourselves and continue our life (sic).”


Arabian kevät on vaarantanut islamilaisessa maailmassa elävien kristittyjen turvallisuuden ja identiteetin. Vastoin länsimaisia harhakäsityksiä arabimaissa on paljon kristittyjä, jotka ovat viime aikoihin saakka saaneet elää rauhassa ”diktaattorien” alaisuudessa. Irakin sota ja Arabian kevät ovat muuttaneet tilanteen, ja kristityt yhteisöt kokevat olevansa vaarassa. Länsimaista harhakuvitelmaa islamilaisessa maailmassa sorrettavista kristityistä halutaan nyt ilmeisesti muuttaa todeksi Arabian kevään taustavoimien toimesta. Näitä taustavoimia ovat jotkin länsimaat, jotka ovat aseistaneet Syyriassa ja Libyassa toimivia militanttiryhmiä. Jutussa haastateltu piispa sanoo vastustavansa lännen interventiota Syyriaan. Bashar al-Assadin aikana assyrialaiset ovat viimein saaneet olla rauhassa.

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