USA tukee Malin presidenttiä … ei kun vallankaappaajia

Selvä. Yhdysvallat tuomitsi Malin vallankaappauksen ja ilmaisi tukensa maan presidentille.

The United States on Thursday strongly condemned a violent coup by renegade Malian soldiers and demanded the return of civilian rule to the west African gold and cotton-producing nation.

”We call for the immediate restoration of constitutional rule in Mali, including full civilian authority over the armed forces and respect for the country’s democratic institutions and traditions,” the White House said in a statement. (Reuters)


Selvä. Malin EU:n tukema presidentti hakee turvapaikkaa Yhdysvalloista.

Mali’s President Amadou Toumani Toure has left the presidential palace, and at the U.S. Embassy in Bamako has requested political asylum.

EU High Representative for foreign affairs Catherine Ashton has condemned the military coup in Mali and the suspension of activity of constitutional institutions in the country.


Hetkinen. Yhdysvallat auttoi järjestämään sen vallankaappauksen?

The leader of a military coup in the West African country of Mali received military training in the United States on “several” occasions, a U.S. defense official said Friday.

Capt. Amadou Haya Sanogo, who led a renegade military faction that on Thursday deposed Mali’s democratically elected president, visited the United States several times to receive professional military education, including basic officer training, said Patrick Barnes, a U.S. Africa Command official based in Washington.


A US Africa Command official confirmed on Friday the leader of military coup d’état in Mali has visited the US on several occasions, receiving professional military education.

Despite condemning the coup, the US is not planning to reconsider its $140-million aid program to Mali in 2012.

Conversely, on Friday the African Union suspended Mali’s membership of that organization.


Proving that Sanogo was paying attention during his State Department-funded training, he named his movement to overthrow the legitimately-elected government of Mali the “National Committee for the Return of Democracy and the Restoration of the State.” Democracy is what we say it is. You return to democracy by overthrowing democracy. To understand the logic, it may be necessary to take US State Department-funded “demokra-speak” lessons.


Näinhän se menee.

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