Roomalaiskatolinen piispa tukee Palestiinaa

Australialainen roomalaiskatolinen piispa Pat Power puolustaa palestiinalaisten oikeuksia ja sanoo Israelin olevan syy Lähi-idässä vuosikymmeniä jatkuneeseen konfliktiin.

”The 64 years of pain and suffering the Palestinians have endured are enough. The Catholic Church and other Christians have consistently cried out for peace and justice in the Holy Land. The Arab League has rightly demanded that Israel end the occupation and withdraw to the 1967 borders. Jerusalem needs to be secured as a city for all faiths with Muslims and Christians from outside Jerusalem being given the opportunity to pray in the Holy City. Provision needs to be made for the millions of Palestinian refugees by providing right of return and just compensation in accordance with UN Resolution 194.


* * *