Pääsiäinen luotisateessa

Muammar al-Gaddafin johtaessa Libyan suurta sosialistista arabikansantasavaltaa oli maassa kristityillä varsin hyvät oltavat. He saivat elää ja harjoittaa traditiotaan rauhassa. NATO:n aloittama Libyan vastainen sota kuitenkin muutti tilanteen, ja nyt he joutuvat elämään pelossa. Aiheesta puhuu Zechariah Kerstiuk Orthodoxy and the World -nettilehden haastattelussa.

In Libya there is chaos and anarchy.


Life in a country that not so long ago was actively developing – with a normal structure for the social support of the population, with various subsidies and payments – has been practically paralyzed. Many government offices have been bombed by NATO.


The Libyans were busy with their revolution. Many people perished here: according to unofficial data, approximately 500,000 people were killed and around 300,000 were injured. According to the official data provided by NATO, there were 170,000 fatalities. This means that the truth is somewhere in the middle. But for a country of 4,000,000, even 170,000 is a very large figure.


We served the nocturnal Paschal Liturgy under the whistle of bullets, machine-gun fire, and explosions. The city is mined, and it is not uncommon for cars to hit landmines. The airport is also mined.


By my own initiative I categorically do not communicate with the local population. This can be interpreted as religious propaganda, for which there is the death penalty here.

Niin. Totisesti on nyt Libya ”vapautettu”!

Lähde: http://www.pravmir.com/pascha-under-a-rain-of-bullets/

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