Palestiinalaisvankien nälkälakko

Palestiinalaiset pitävät 60 päivän nälkälakkoa Israelin vankiloissa. Kuluneella viikolla ainakin 1600 palestiinalaista vankia on aloittanut toistaiseksi jatkuvan nälkälakon protestina Israelin vankiloiden kurjia oloja kohtaan.

The hunger strike has several key demands, including:

  •  An end to the policy of solitary confinement and isolation which has been used to deprive Palestinian prisoners of their rights for more than a decade;
  • An end to administrative detention;
  •  To allow the families of prisoners from the Gaza Strip to visit prisoners. This right has been denied to all families for more than 6 years;
  • An improvement in the living conditions of prisoners and an end to the ‘Shalit’ law, which outlaws newspapers, learning materials and many TV channels; and
  •  An end to the the policies of humiliation which are suffered by prisoners and their families such as strip searches, nightly raids, and collective punishment.

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Palestiinalaiset papit ja muut kristityt ilmaisevat tukensa Israelin vankiloiden palestiinalaisille ja heidän nälkälakolleen Ramallahissa 29.4.2012.

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