Public Banking Can Democratize the Economy

Viime vuonna julkaistu artikkeli Yhdysvalloissa leviävästä public banking -aallosta. Artikkeli käsittelee pankkitoiminnan kansallistamisen hyötyjä. Jos hyvin käy, yksityisen pankkisektorin aika alkaa olla ohi.

In the wake of the financial crisis that the U.S. is still clawing its way out of, a handful of ideas have begun to surface that might actually shore up our still-floundering economy and, potentially, avert future devastation. (No, not the eminently gutless Dodd-Frank bill.) Rather, public banks — also known as state banks or partnership banks — provide a path for the people to harness some economic power of their own in order to build a broad-based, ground-level prosperity which is rooted in their community.

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